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Your vehicle runs well because it has the right fluids and is properly maintained. Consistently getting your machine checked out can keep it running smoother for longer. If you notice your vehicle is overheating, having trouble getting going, or not braking as it should, come into Pacifico Mazda in Philadelphia today to get it looked at!


Running Low?


Over time, you may find your fluids are lower than you'd like. This can be due to a small leak, the fluid breaking down, or a less common problem. Regardless, when you need to have your fluids topped off or cleared out, there's no better place than the Service Center at Pacifico Mazda!


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Top off your fluids in Philadelphia
Pacifico Mazda fluids

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Whether you're looking for transmission, brake, or washer fluids, you know you can find it all here at Pacifico Mazda. No matter what kind you're looking for, we either have it or can have it ordered specially for you. For the right fluid every time, you can trust the technicians at Pacifico.


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We've Got You Covered


We know that changing fluids and maintaining consistency is imortant for keeping your Mazda running at peak efficiency. That's why we have professionally trained technicians on hand to ensure that you're always getting the best service possible. 

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professional service every time at Pacifico Mazda

Make the right call when it comes to keeping your vehicle running like new. Get your fluids from the team that knows what it takes. We have the experience, knowhow, and quality assurance that you can rely on every time. Stop in or call to schedule your check in today!

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