top of a red 2019 mazda cx-5

Nothing keeps your car looking and feeling like new then an in-depth wash and detailing session. At Pacifico Mazda, we'll keep your car looking fresh with our dedicated wash and detailing service


Enhance Your Car's Presence with a Spotless Exterior


At Pacifico Mazda, our professional-grade cleaning supplies and equipment will give your car a deeper wash than you could normally achieve with a home wash. After a visit with us, your car's paint job and clear coat will come out looking like it just rolled off the assembly line.


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closeup of the front of a grey 2019 mazda3 sedan
2019 mazda cx-3 front interior

Maximize Comfort with A Tidy Interior


Want to preserve that new car smell and crisp interior? Look no further than our interior detailing staff at Pacifico. Eliminate smudges, dust, and crumbs down to the floorboards with our detailing service. Beauty isn't always on the outside.


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Capitalize on Superior Service


While you're getting your car ready for the spotlight on a surface level, why not let us take a look under the hood? Our expertly-trained service technicians can handle any automotive task big or small, so don't hesitate to take advantage of our fully-functioning service center.


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person powerwashing vehicle

With service like this, it's obvious why Pacifico Mazda is the premium choice for car shopping and service. But if you're still not convinced, come see us in person. We're always ready to assist you.

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